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Small Hotels and Local Community Integration

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As consumers become more aware of the environmental and social impacts of their choices, companies are increasingly held to higher ethical standards than before. This attitude also travels with people on their holidays, and social responsibility is set to become a larger component of the hospitality industry in the coming years.

Smaller hotels can have an advantage over the big chains in dealing with local communities and implementing sustainable practices simply because of their size. As a small hotel, it is easier to get an overview and find out where to focus your attention. Similarly it is easier to become an actor within the community.

Becoming socially aware and involved in your local community can have surprising indirect benefits for business. When you integrate with your local community, your guests are likely to enjoy a much more authentic experience of place, a key factor to many travellers these days. There are many ways that your hotel can be a part of your local community including supporting the community’s activities, having a local workforce or buying local food and products to use in your hotel.

Hotel owners need to start thinking of local communities and the environment as stakeholders in their business and realizing their responsibilities. It does require work and it might mean engaging with, for example, local universities or municipalities for knowhow and ways to measure environmental sustainability. For many tourist destinations it is a mix of cultural diversity and the natural environment that make them attractive to visitors in the first place; therefore one should be interested in these issues anyway. If you take care of the local then the local will take care of you.

Does your hotel have a mobile compatible website?

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As more and more people browse on mobile devices as opposed to computers, it is important for your hotel to have mobile compatible website plus a booking engine which works well on all mobile devices. You can easily loose customers to frustration when they fail to access content or can’t book the room on their smartphones. Here are a few articles to get you on your way to achieving a mobile friendly website:

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Hotels vs. TripAdvisor Reviews

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Good reviews on TripAdvisor can be magnificently useful in advertising and promoting hotels, at the same time bad reviews can damage reputation and revenue. Hoteliers should listen closely to what people say about their hotels and have a strategy in place to respond promptly. Below are interesting posts about different aspects of reviews on TripAdvisor.

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How to Set Up a Google+ Page for Your Hotel

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Now with over 40 million users on Google+ it is time for your hotel to step up and be one of the first hotels using it as the new marketing tool. Following a few easy steps you will be on your way.

  • First of all you need to sign in to your Google+ profile to be able to set up a business page.
  • Then look for the Google+ Pages tab/logo on the right hand side of your profile and click on it.


  • Choose your page category. Your hotel should be under “Local Business or Place”.
  • Then add your location and phone number. Google will use the given phone number to match the phone number on your listing on Google Places (if available). This makes it much easier because your hotel information will be matched and added automatically.



  • If your hotel does not already have a listing on the map, Google will ask you to provide information.



  • Add the information and choose your business category which is Lodging. Choose who you want your page visible to then, click “Create”



  • Now your page has been crated, it is time to add your hotel’s profile photo.



  • After choosing your profile photo, Google will ask to to share the new page through your own profile (optional).



  •  Now you can start using Google+ to promote your hotel and start building connections! Start by adding photos and videos of your hotel. Remember to double check if all information here is correct and complete.



Effective Hotel Website Content and Designs

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Your hotel website is the first place where you and your guests meet. Most hotels websites we see today are rather similar to one another. Having a quality website, one that stands out from the crowd, will help present your hotel’s personality and, ultimately, convert site visitors into customers. Here are some good guidelines on what makes an effective hotel website:

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And some articles with fresh ideas from our web development and marketing team:

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Social Media Marketing for Hotels

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We all know that social media marketing is an important way for hotels to advertise and to engage with guests. But for many small hotels, it’s not clear how to get started, how to work social media into your larger strategy, and what exactly your business can expect in return. For detailed insights on how social media can benefit your hotel we recommend these articles:

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Google+ Pages for Your Business

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Last week Google launched their new Google+ pages for businesses. We have gathered early articles about the service and put it together here for you to study and see what it can offer your boutique hotel.

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Small Hotel Solutions Now Helps You Check Your Hotel’s Online Positioning

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This week we launched our latest service called “Hotel Website & Digital Marketing Evaluation”. It aims to help hotel owners or hotel managers know how they are doing in the digital marketing world.
Our main services are software and website development for small and independent hotels. Our marketing team has been focusing on digital marketing strategies. You need these insights to be able to decide how to develop your website and how to make good strategic use of other online marketing channels. These factors are critical to your hotel visibility and to increasing more profitable direct bookings.
If you want to know how your hotel’s online marketing rates, check out our website and link to the evaluation info here.